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Aqua Tek Opens a New Office in East London

25 January 2018 - Aqua Tek is a reliable plumbing company that offers plumbing services in different parts of London. Now, the company has opened its new office in East London.

It is sometimes really hard to find a reliable plumbing company. Be it a home or a business, dealing with plumbing systems requires specialized expertise from experienced plumbers. Aqua Tek is one of the most experienced plumbing companies that have been around for many years, serving its clients with top notch plumbing services in different areas of the London.

The company has launched a new startup in East London and the idea behind is to reach every street and every corner of the East London with top quality plumbing services. With this new location, the locals would find it really easy to access the services of one of the most trusted plumbing companies in the East London.

“We are on a mission to offer unparalleled plumbing services to our clients in the city that they can access conveniently”, says the company representative. To make our services easily accessible to our clients, we have now opened a new office in the city with an aim to serve the clients with same passion and dedication, he added.
Aqua Tek offers a host of plumbing services, such as boiler service, boiler repair, boiler installations, central heating, power flush, and bathroom installation, etc. The company is offering 5 to 10 year warranty on boilers and there are also some discounts on the company’s services that locals can take advantage of.

The company promises 24/7 fast response to its clients to ensure a quick fix in emergency situations. Around for more than 2 decades, Aqua Tek has a team of the most talented and skilled plumbers who are always ready to help clients, regardless of wherever they are located in the East London. The company claims that they will reach the emergency place in East London as fast as within 15 minutes of the call.

According to the company representative, Aqua Tek is equipped with the cutting edge technology that when combined with the skilled workmanship, ensures the most reliable solution of any plumbing concern. The company believes in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction on every project, so people can always expect the company to deliver unparalleled services.

The homeowners who are looking for the best plumbers in East London can now hire the Aqua Tek service that is just a single call away from them. The company’s services can be hired over a phone call, or by visiting their official website. For more information on Aqua Tek new startup or their services, visit their website or just dial their phone number during the business ho ...

News Release: Aqua Tek Opens a New Office in East London
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