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Appreciate The Fact Of Albion Online

I agree with most of your points but you gotta think from a company perspective. Plus most of their techs are on holiday so making big decisions won't happen until the 13th patch. That's why Hellgates and other things haven't been patched.
However when it comes to fame I'll disagree. I currently solo farm 20k an hour. It takes 13 hours to reach 6.3 from 5.3 and it takes 26 hours to reach 7.3 from 6.3. A game that is supposed to last months I think this is a good pace
Personally I think there sound be a server wipe every 3 months (like POE season) but that's just me. One month is too soon.i my self stopped playing due to a failure in destiny board as well as a heavy plate/leather/cloth failed so bad that ur slow as a turtle and do 0 damage as well the claymore, glaive, mace, hammer, crossbow are completely useless and should be removed if not reworked, as well the huge drop for fame per mob.
So don't come in here with your whole it's gonna get wiped and people are going to quit... when that obviously is already going to happen.. start putting some substance to your post's so I can actually appreciate the fact that you have a decent amount of knowledge about the problems in the game and I can read into something that makes me think otherwise.
Honestly, if I could make a suggestion that I think would change this game for the better 100% , and I think they are ahead of me on this one.. is to remove ANY type of building plots on black zones and make them single cluster's with late game material plots, fuck the farms, so throw up essense/forest/mines ... end game resource plots in black zones only with no cities so guilds have to fight for them and have no where to safely hide under a currently almost impossible city seige if your guild has any wits about ...

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