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Application of laser marking machine in bathroom industry

The bathroom literally is sanitary and bathing, is living for public health activities of daily urine bathing washing and other space. The bathroom is closely related to our daily life, and it is an important symbol of the evolution of the healthy life style of human civilization.

With the improvement of people's living standard, we have higher requirements for bathroom products, which not only requires diversified modeling styles, but also requires a good quality of processing. Because bathroom products often need to use LOGO markings and pattern rendering, and the accuracy of text logo directly affects the appearance and quality of products. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a processing equipment that can perfectly mark bathroom products. The use of laser in the bathroom products marking, just can let people worry about the quality of the mark to solve the problem!

Application of laser marking in sanitary ware

The main products include ceramic sanitary ware, plastic, metal and other materials, and laser marking can also adapt to the high quality requirements of marking these materials, including the bathroom cabinet, shower faucet, toilet, bathroom, washing basin, valve, bathtub and other bathroom equipment can be marked by laser. Especially in combating counterfeit brands and safeguarding the interests of businesses and consumers, laser marking is able to provide effective support for the establishment of effective product traceability system for bathroom products.

Processing advantage of laser marking in bathroom industry

More permanent, laser marking is the illumination of a workpiece using high energy density laser, or color changed to sanitary material vaporization, thus leaving a permanent mark.

This flexibility, the use of software mapping, can quickly draw and generate a variety of text and graphics, clear and beautiful patterns.

* safety and environmental protection, laser marking process does not produce toxic gases, can reduce the harm to human body.

It has the advantages of simple operation, after simple training can exercise machine, reduce the requirements for operators.

* applicable materials widely, such as the use of dazu-yueming group UV laser marking machine, can be used in plastics, leather, metal, glass, ceramics, IC grain, sapphire and other materials fine mark ...

News Release: Application of laser marking machine in bathroom industry
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