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Annabelle begins with a couple, Mia and John Godron, telling Ed and Lorraine Warren of a haunted doll, Annabelle. The doll got its name after Annabelle, the neighbors’ daughter, murdered her parents and committed suicide, releasing a demonic soul which takes up residence in the doll.

The demon is determined to take a soul and focuses its energy on the Gordons’ daughter Lea. After several incidents, it locks Mia out of the baby’s room and begins its attack. Evelyn, a neighbor from the couples’ apartment building, is in the apartment with Mia when this happens, after she had recently shared her guilt about the death of her own daughter. Therefore, when the demon insists that it must take a soul before it will stop, Evelyn takes the doll and commits suicide as a plan to seek forgiveness for her late daughter.

There is, in fact, a real Annabelle doll in this world. However, the creepy wooden creation in the movie, with the garish makeup and infamous smile, is far from a replica of the original. The original doll is no more than a Raggedy Ann doll with button eyes and red yarn for hair. It now lives in the Warrens’ museum, where it is blessed twice a week by a priest and kept inside a glass case.

The paranormal activity around the doll began in the 1970s, when a mother purchased the doll as a gift to her daughter, leading to several attacks, including the near-strangling of a family friend.

It is claimed that several years after the doll was placed in the museum, a couple were laughing at her and mocking her before being removed from the premises by the Warrens themselves. Legend has it that the couple’s motorbike crashed into a tree on the way home.

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