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Analysis of the application of laser marking machine in auto parts


The laser is the atomic energy, computer, semiconductor human after another great invention, known as the "fastest knife," "the most accurate scale", "the brightest light" and "strange laser", it's 10 billion times the brightness of the sun, it can play the role of immeasurable. In recent years, with the development of automobile industry, the application of laser technology in automobiles has attracted more and more attention, including laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking, laser welding, laser headlights and so on.

As we all know, a complete car is made up of countless parts of the car, and there are several hundred kinds of auto parts. Then, how to distinguish, identify and manage such complex and diverse parts requires identifying information on its surface markings.

The laser marking machine has occupied a place in the field of auto parts with the superiority of traditional processing methods. It not only shows the arrival of laser technology era, but also reflects the attention and perfect pursuit of automobile and auto parts manufacturers.

In the field of auto parts processing, laser marking machine is mainly applied to the marking of information such as two-dimensional code, bar code, plain code, production date, serial number, Logo, pattern, certification mark, warning sign and so on. It includes the high quality marking of automobile wheel arc, exhaust pipe, engine cylinder, piston, crankshaft, sound transmittance key, label (nameplate) and so on.

So, what is the processing principle of the laser marking machine? What is the processing advantage?


The processing principle of laser marking machine is to irradiate the surface of automobile parts with high energy laser beam, and turn light into thermal energy instantly, and make the parts surface evaporate quickly, so as to engrave any required text and graphics as permanent identification mark.


The precision is high: the precision of laser processing can reach within millimeter, and the ultra fine graphic and text mark can be realized.

The efficiency is good: the laser processing speed is fast, with the automatic assembly line and the use of the manipulator, the production efficiency can be greatly improved.

Good effect: graphic marking laser can complete parts in different depth, laser and laser, laser black white color effect.

The material is wide: the laser marking machine is suitable for most auto parts, including metal or non metal.

In auto auto parts industry, GEM laser has a set of professional laser technology application solutions. Its laser marking machine includes three series of products, including CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine. It can mark high quality laser for automobile parts and different materials and processes.

GEMJB-F20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine

There used separate chassis and lifting frame design, processing more flexible, high quality stainless steel, alumina, copper and other metal parts and plastic parts marking.

GEMJB-C30 CO2 Non-Metal Laser Marking Machine

UV laser marking machine

Self-protection cover, comply with international safety standards; imported brand-name UV laser with good beam quality; wide application materials, can make up for the defects of infrared laser marking effect, meet the automotive light button, metal parts and other materials for ultra fine mark ...

News Release: Analysis of the application of laser marking machine in auto parts
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