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An internet marketing strategy not many would’ve thought about

Websites have become more personal than ever before. A few years ago people were perfectly willing to visit websites that had no personal touch but not anymore. Today the annual global spend on online shopping is in billions of dollars and most of the shoppers now want to know more about the people that run a particular website. It is this human touch that needs to be part of your internet marketing strategy. The more you connect with your customers more they are going to come back to your website.

Let us assume you have this online shopping site that is doing decently well. But as an entrepreneur you naturally want to do more with your website. What are some of the things that you can do to connect more with your customers? Here are some tips that can form a part of your internet marketing strategy.

Absurd this may sound but why not arrange for a customer day? Send an invitation to all your customers that you are arranging for an event for them that will make their shopping experience even better? Ensure that your face is prominently displayed on the invitation along with your company logo. And ensure that each letter is personalized. Hire a hall and have some kind of event around your website. Let your customers know how they have contributed to the success of your website. Let them know what you have in store for them.

Some of your local customers may take out time to attend the event in person. Ensure that you have some memento for them to take home. The monetary value of the memento is not important but it has to be nice and branded. Ensure that the entire event is telecast on the web so that your customers that couldn’t attend get to see the feed live. You can send them a DVD of the event too. Don’t forget the branding part.

As part of your internet marketing strategy this entire event should be all over the web. It should be linked to your social profiles and the link should feature in your blogs and blog posts. The amount of goodwill you can generate is immense and this by spending a few hundred dollars on a simple event.

Can you imagine what this can do for your online business? You will be able to create an instant buzz among your customers. They will not only be able to see the event but also you in person and this is where your internet marketing strategy is bound to succeed. Now when your customers talk about the event and you and how wonderful all this was there are many more that would get interested. Suddenly you will see a deluge of people coming to your website and many of them would love to become your customers.

This is an internet marketing strategy that not many would have thought about. Discuss with your SEO partner if this can be done. The result could be outstanding.

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