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Aml Pages 9.82 released

Organizing yourself when you are dealing with a lot of information is no easy task. Let's suppose you are a business man who has a lot of appointments and tasks to do. Or a regular person who needs to do some daily things. In these cases, writing some notes and reminders would be really helpful. This way, you will be always organized and you will be able to get a certain piece of information in the easiest and fastest way possible. A software that can help you organize information is Aml Pages. The program basically allows anyone to create complex documents, structured in the same way as a table of contents, thus having all your information at your finger tips, fast and easy to access.

Aml Pages works on almost any Windows version. So, if you have Windows XP, 2000 or 7, you won't come across any compatibility problems when running this piece of software. The installation process is so simple that it allows even inexperienced users to go through all the steps of installing the program. All it takes is to click on the next button and the software will be installed in the shortest time.

The interface of Aml Pages resembles the one of a typical word processor, having numerous writing tools. Practically, the program's window is split into two sections, the first one displaying the document's structure, just like a table of contents and the second one containing the actual text.

When run for the first time, Aml Pages will open a sample document, allowing the user to get familiar with the program's features more quickly. After having studied the sample document a bit, one can easily create a new document from scratch. Besides inserting text in various forms, the user can also add media items to any note, like images, video clips and so on. This way, he will be able to recall a certain piece of information much easier and will get himself better organized.

Any topic included in the document can be exported as a text file and the document itself can be saved, for later editing. To make it easier to create complex documents, Aml Pages includes several plugins, offering the possibility to download more from the producer's website.

It allows creating complex documents with various notes in the shortest time possible. Besides that, notes can contain not only text, but also images, videos and so on. Moreover, individual notes can be saved as text files. Last but not least, there are several plugins available, for speeding up and simplifying the process of creating documents.

The menu system seems a bit complex for a beginner.

Aml Pages is a solid software for writing any type of note or document and organizing your l ...

News Release: Aml Pages 9.82 released
Submitted on: February 09, 2018 12:24:28 PM
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