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Amazing Hen Party & Hen Weekends -SOHO Cork

Hens that are thinking of spending their last night of freedom in Ireland should consider having the party at these locations. This is the best place to party in Ireland.
A hen party in Cork will be a lot of fun for hens that wish for the big city experience in a very beautiful location. Cork City is surrounded by water which provides its visitors with a beautiful view of the water. Hens that choose to have their hen weekend in this city can enjoy various water sports during the daytime too.
A hen party is a night before marriage, which is full of freedom and thrill. It is a night which celebrates the last day of single life. And, that is why this party is special for the bride-to-be and the other hens.
However, to make the night memorable there is a need to plan it properly and involve some wonderful activities in the hen party event. So, if you are seeking for hen party inspiration, here are the ideas to make it an awesome party night.
Activity for a Hen Party
A fun dance is also a great way to get in the mood for a fun-filled night on the town. What better way to get those booties shaking and those hips swaying to make sure that you and your hen party are the centre of attention.
So for a fun and unforgettable experience, not to mention original and unique, organise a dance for your hen party. Dance like there's nobody watching and laugh as you enjoy every moment.
Stand Out Hen Party at SOHO
For those that do not know, Cork possesses its own unique culture. In fact, hens that enjoy eating good food are in for a treat as this city is known for having its own local traditions.Aside from that, as a culturally diverse city, we are the multi-cultural restaurant in Cork. And that fancy French patisseries, Indian buffets, Thai or Chinese food, and more will enjoy spending time in this city.
The typical Irish Party includes the mother of the bride and the future mother-in-law. Irish parties vary in size but are usually made up of between 12 and 30 girls often wearing outlandish outfits. The peak time for Hen Parties in Ireland is between April and September. You will often see large Hen Party groups roaming the streets in the popular Hen Party towns
Play around with the theme
If memorable and unique is what you are looking for, stay away from the common stripper themes for hen parties. Instead, choose to be creative and come up with new themes that the bride knows nothing about. You make them enjoyable by going for colors that she loves and handling the little details in a special way. You can cut costs by crafting unique decorations to finish off the theme.
For a hen party to be different, you cannot afford to go to your usual girls' joint. Instead, you should change scenery and try something different for a change. For instance, instead of having the party at the bride's house or at your usual joint, you can try out Our fancy place with facilities that you will love to enjoy. It will help set the event apart from the rest, which in turn makes it truly memora ...

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