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Albion Online on My Radar for May 2015

I will start first with the heavy-hitter in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This game is a huge open world fantasy world that I can’t wait to explore. I have played just a short amount of The Witcher 2, but enough to know that I want to play CD Projekt Red’s most ambitious game yet. Plenty of hours and quests to keep me busy as we enter the summer months. It will likely take up most of my gaming time, but that’s a good thing. Here’s what I’m excited for:
Up next is a game that jumped up on the Steam’s early access release schedule for May. Tree of Life is a sandbox MMORPG that really has never been put together like this before. It’s been in heavy beta testing and development for that past 3 years, and at first glance it looks very promising. Basically as the video shows, you start off with your fists and a desire to go out and explore the surrounding environment. Eventually you may team up with other players to build small or large scale towns. Here are some key features that have been confirmed so far:
Hey so there’s a new MOBA in town called Heroes of the Storm. Even better it’s a new MOBA by Blizzard. Check out some fast-paced action, tactics, and minor rage as my party and I attempt to annihilate the enemy. Directly off my twitch stream, if you want to catch more head on over to my chan ...

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