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Ajman beach hotel-one of the best ways to explore Ajman

Ajman, UAE: Ajman is a vibrant city in UAE. Most of the tourists who visit Ajman want to explore the beaches of Ajman as well as the brilliant nightlife which it has to offer. One of the best spots in town where you can stay as well as explore the Ajman town is the Ajman Beach hotel. True to its name, it is a secluded beach for its patrons which help you in exploring the shoreline in complete privacy.

The Ajman Beach hotel has been on the shoreline of Ajman since quite some period of time. It also has a wide variety of amenities which makes it the perfect venue for corporate staff parties in Ajman. In addition to that, it is also situated near to the venue where Beach Festival in Ajman is organized. This makes it a central place to be whenever you’re planning to visit Ajman.

The Ajman Beach hotel gained even more prominence after the inauguration of dolphin Beach club. The dolphin Beach club consists of a swimming pool as well as shoreline coupled with a well-stocked bar as well. The patrons of the dolphin Beach club are able to easily sunbath by the sea and enjoy the waves of the sea in complete privacy. They are also able to pick from the wide variety of drinks which are on offer. Thus, if you want to enjoy the Ajman shoreline in its entirety, the dolphin Beach club at Ajman Beach hotel would not disappoint you. This is one of the main reasons why membership at the dolphin Beach club is increasing year by year.

The hotel in itself provides you with one of the best accommodation options in the city. Not only are the rooms in great condition but also you would be able to get 24-hour dining as well which ensures that you are able to easily explore the local cuisine. The hotel features 2 different restaurants which you can try in order to explore various different cuisines which Ajman has to offer.

Ajman beach hotel provides you with a holistic experience when you’re visiting the city of Ajman. Not only, you would be able to explore the local cuisine but also you can have a great holiday experience as well as you would be exploring the shoreline of Ajman within the confines of the hotel which make it easier for you to relax on your holi ...

News Release: Ajman beach hotel-one of the best ways to explore Ajman
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