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Affordable Cat Cages for Sale in Melbourne

In Australia, Cat Cubbys is delighted to introduce a unique solution for the cats to enjoy its outdoor area comfortably with Cat Enclosure. This cat enclosure allows your cat to stay happily in the outdoor area, as same as in the indoor area without any worry of other animals. The cat cages are manufactured with the top quality material and it can be easily installed at your home or apartment wall easily. This cage provides the cat to wander freely from indoor home to outdoor area.

Cat cages have been the best solutions for cat lovers, who want to provide all the benefits for the cats in a safe environment and we offer reliable cat cages for sale in Melbourne. Each and every cat cage comes with fun hammocks, and steps so that the cat can climb and play as much they are pleased to. The floor of the cage is custom made with tiny holes through which the rainwater can run off.

While manufacturing the cat cage we take the following considerations as follows:

• Size of the cat
• Walking area of the cat
• The actual size of the home

As no two cats or space would be the same, we custom design your cat enclosure according to your requirements and needs in Australia. Galvanized steel mesh is used to build the cat cages as it cannot chew or scratch them and to make your investment last longer. Your kitty doesn’t get hurt as the enclosure protects them well. You can get a quote for this cat enclosure through online.

The following are the advantages of Cat
Cubbys enclosure are as follows:

• The cat cage is built with the top graded material
• Highly skilled and experienced manufacturers of the cat cages.
• Custom build enclosures according to your needs.
• Every cat enclosure is made up of unique design which is strong, through which the cat see the world.
• Fun play paths that keep the cat fully entertained

We have different types of cat cages such as

• Tunnel
• Hardwood Hammock
• Hardwood Steps
• Ladder
• Small cubby
• Toilet and floor

So, do you want to get a cat enclosure for your cat, then call us today at 0419 551 914 or do you require free quote, then log on to

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