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Advantages Of Getting Your Kids Into Sports

Is sports just a waste of time for kids or is it worth investing their free time? Many kids and teenagers dream of being part of their school team because of the notion that they can be popular and well-known around the campus if they are into sports. Even if we may deny it but the truth is still there that kids who are into co-curricular activities are usually the ones who are popular around the school campus. But this isn't a bad thing, in fact this can help the EQ of your child. It can boost his self-confidence as well as develop friendship and learn other positive traits just by playing sports like being fair, honest, perseverance as well as know the importance of camaraderie.

So, would you rather encourage your kids to get into sports rather than sit around the house and watch tv the whole day? Or worse be with the wrong circle of friends? Some kids do not have a heart for sports while others are born to play softball or have the heart of a baseball player but a child does not have to be a pro to get into sports. You have the key to encourage your child to get into sports rather do something unproductive during his free time. There are so many sports that your kid can choose, from indoor sports to outdoor sports. It is not bad for children to stay at home and watch tv, play video games or surf the internet but it is also unhealthy for them if they spend majority if their free time alone at home. They need to go out and have fun, be with kids who are also at the same age as your child. Sports is a good way of earning new friends as well as a positive way of exercising one's physical body so there is no reason at all why you shouldn't encourage your child to get into sports.

If you have an overweight child then you should also encourage him to get into sports. It is a fact that more and more teens and children are becoming obese, it may be because of our sedentary lifestyle or it may be because of genes. But introducing sports to overweight teens and children can help them lose the excess fat without going through expensive, painful surgery.

Chris Hanson Mendham says that no matter how busy you are in your job, it is your sole responsibility to see to it that your child lives a fulfilling life and one way of show your love to your child is to encourage and support him in sports.

Chris Hanson Mendham is a professional basketball player. He has played for Mendham High School. Chris has great passion towards sports and went on to play professionally and is now utilizing his experience to teach the game of basketball throughout the world to youth.
For more reading you can visit his blog here: http://chrishansonmendham.strikingly. ...

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