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Advanced laser marking machine - a brief introduction to UV laser marking machine

Introduction of equipment

UV laser marking machine is a series of products of laser marking machine, but it is developed by 355nm ultraviolet laser. The machine adopts three order intracavity frequency doubling technology. Compared with the infrared laser, 355 UV focal spot is small, can largely reduce the material mechanical deformation and processing of small thermal effect, because is mainly used for ultra fine marking and carving, especially suitable for food and pharmaceutical packaging materials, marking holes, high-speed glass material and the division of wafer complex graphics cutting and other applications.

Into the international advanced technology, high energy ultraviolet photons direct damage to the molecular bond many non metal material surface, the molecules from the object, this way does not produce high heat, ultraviolet laser beam machining and minimal aggregation, almost no heat effect, so it is called cold processing, it is suitable for the special material super fine play marking and carving.

The principle of UV laser marking machine

The ultraviolet laser marking machine is a series of laser marking machines. Therefore, the principles are similar to those of laser marking machines. They are permanently marked by laser beams on various material surfaces. The effect of marking is to expose deep matter through the evaporation of surface matter, or to engrave traces through the chemical and physical changes of surface matter caused by light energy, or to burn out some substances by optical energy, and to display the patterns and characters needed to etch.

Advantages of UV laser marking machine

UV laser can achieve hyper fine marking and special material marking because of its small focus spot and small heat affected zone. It is the preferred product for customers to have higher requirements for marking. In addition to the material of copper, the UV laser is more suitable for processing. Not only good beam quality, smaller focused spot, the realization of ultra fine marking; more extensive scope of application; minimal heat affected zone, will not produce thermal effects, does not produce material burning; high efficiency; marking speed, stable performance, small volume, low power consumption advantages.

Application industry

UV laser marking machine with its unique small power laser beam, especially suitable for fine processing of the high-end market, the surface of the packing bottle cosmetics, medicines, video and other polymer material marking, fine effect, mark cleaning firm, superior ink printing and no pollution; flexible PCB plate marking, scribing; the silicon wafer micro hole and blind hole processing; LCD LCD glass two-dimensional code marking, glass surface marking, surface coating of metal marking, plastic buttons, electronics, gifts, communications equipment, building materials and laser rapid prototyping etc..

Software function

The graphical user interface (GUI), graphic processing function, support a variety of file formats, text function, automatic serial number marking, custom fill marking, scanning speed and parameter optimization, continuous labeling, marking, labeling, testing samples stratified mark, use a memory card storage function, undo/redo, intelligent control blocks matched with external equipment.

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