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Access a Detailed Analysis of Your Data Storage Structure

LSoft Technologies, a leading developer of hard disk utilities, has just launched version 7 of its popular freeware Active@ Disk Editor software, a program for viewing and editing individual sectors on physical hard drives and disk images. New in the latest edition includes additional templates for XFS and ReFS file systems, a better optimized interface for high-resolution displays, improved navigation and search and overhauled installers for Linux users. Active@ Disk Editor provides everything you need to view and edit low-level drive information in hexadecimal, ASCII and Unicode. Even more conveniently, any modifications in one pane will be automatically synchronized with the other two panes so that your data is always up to date.

Active@ Disk Editor provides an enhanced template mode that shows parsed records of key areas on the hard drive, such as master boot records and superblocks on Ext2, Ext3, XFS and ReFS-formatted drives. The program also displayed detailed MFT record information and uses color coding to help you better visualize the data. Tooltips are also provided to help you make sense out of each sector.

One of the greatest benefits of Active@ Disk Editor is its powerful search functions. Supporting fast navigational points, bookmarking, inspection and search within user-defined blocks, it's much easier to navigate through the data without getting lost among all the ones and zeros.

As a component of the LSoft Technologies line-up of disk tools, Active@ Disk Editor fully integrates with Active@ Undelete recovery software as well, making it the ultimate tool for data recovery, viewing, editing and hard drive sanitation. Learn more at http://disk-editor. ...

News Release: Access a Detailed Analysis of Your Data Storage Structure
Submitted on: January 24, 2018 07:34:43 AM
Submitted by: LSoft Technologies
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