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Of the games gaining increasing popularity among today’s youth is snooker. Whether playing online, or in a snooker club, it has become the go to activity when hanging out with friends. One of the leading promoters of snooker in India is RKG snooker. Every snooker player must know about RKG snooker. RKG snooker was launched by Ravindra Kumar Gupta in order to promote excellence in this cue sport.
Ravindra Gupta has had an intense interest for cue sports since an early age. He formed the Delhi Billiards & Snooker Association of Delhi. RKG snooker organises international competitions in this sport. One of my friends holds a great interest in snooker, and doesn’t fare badly in the game. In fact, he has refined his game greatly, and is always looking to defeat someone. When he found out about RKG, his enthusiasm leaped. Ravindra has truly set up this platform for snooker enthusiasts to play their talents, in real tournaments. My friend has been telling every other snooker player he knows about RKG, and a couple of them have been thinking about joining the club in Delhi when they start college there this fall, and perhaps acquiring an invitation to a competition. While they are still working the details out for themselves, I found out a little more about RKG through the internet; the entry to a competition is invitation-only, and these tournaments all have cash prizes, going as high as £600000 for the Defabet Masters competition.
RKG conducts several kinds of competitions in snooker. Those currently open are the Champions League (I), Champions League (II), Champions League (III), and the Defabet Masters, all in January. RKG conducts tournaments on the national and international level. These include Bengal Snooker League, Indian National6 Red Snooker Championship, and Manisha National Billiards & Snooker Championship. International tournaments are held with various countries including Ireland, Shanghai, Scotland, Germany, Wales, and China.
Besides gaming, the RKG website provides extensive details about snooker players, their birthdays, record breaks, and other interesting things relating to snooker. Perhaps it takes an enthusiast to know one, but a couple of my snooker playing friends have been finding it worth their time to read up on the information.
RKG gives a big platform to snooker players to learn more about the game, refine their techniques, and also gives them a chance to utilise the acquired skills in national and international competitions. Cue sports require precision and judgement, and a professional setting like RKG helps in making the most out of an existing skill. Since finding out about RKG, my friend has found a renewed passion for snooker, and can hardly wait to get to Delhi. To see him so excited about this prospect, I’m glad he found out about RKG snoo ...

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