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A review site to help soundbar enthusiasts pick the perfect soundbar blog author, Fredric, is a technology enthusiast who since young, has developed strong interest in sound reproduction engineering. His fascination with this field is inherited from his father, who himself is an audiophile.

The last few years see the most radical revolution in the TV we used at home. From big bulky CRT tube to slim Flatscreen TV. Emergence of a new speaker category commonly referred to as soundbar is the natural consequence of this revolution. The main reason is none other than the lack of ability by these close to paper-thin TVs in producing decent quality sound that the whole family can enjoy.

The first question being asked by anyone looking to buy their first soundbar is, "Can soundbar really produce good audio quality?" It is an interesting question with simple answer but requires in-depth expertise to properly put things in perspectives. If compared to full home theater with professionally calibrated multiple speakers system, soundbar is definitely of no match. But soundbar is an appealing alternative to those looking for simple plug and play solution.

"Soundbar is a convenient solution to complete one's home theater experience but many end up dissatisfied with their soundbar selection", says Fredric. Through his recently launched blog, Fredric, as an audiophile himself, seeks to share his expertise and provide soundbar enthusiasts with the essential information required before they make their purchase selection.

About is a blog dedicated to provide easy to understand guide when it comes to soundbar selection. As an audiophile himself, Fredric shares the important aspects that one should consider and what to expect before buying a soundbar.

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News Release: A review site to help soundbar enthusiasts pick the perfect soundbar
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