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A Brief Overview of Injection Modeling Manufacturing

Most of our everyday used plastic parts are made by plastic injection molding. While plastic injection molding may not be rocket science, it is still a very complex manufacturing process. It involves great attention to detail and there are many factors to take into consideration. First, the part design must be developed and maximized for manufacturability. Then a mold must be built. This involves high-tech and hand tooling. The mold must then be verified along with mastic and color options to regulate the best formulation for the project.

Once all the preliminary phases are complete, fine tuning of the mold and materials may be required before production runs are scheduled. There are some other approaches of plastic establishing like blow molding for the hollow products, compression molding for the super large parts, extrusion molding for the long and unregularly tubes or pipes. Injection Molding When we come to the step of injection molding, the raw material is poured into the hopper on the top of the injection molding machine. There is a drum under the hopper with a screw inside.

The key factor is to adjust the press indexes to accommodate with the specific material and China Mold Making. When the cavity is over packed, the volume of injected material is more than the part in order to compensate the shrinkage, the pressure is reduced and the cooling system start to work. After the parts are hardened, the back platen of press moves and ejects the parts. Then the process completes. Before we start the mass production, the sample shots should be run for several times until the production process is stable. The time of mould trials should be less than 3 days. Or the injection molding supplier is lacking of experience or the mould maker is not professional. We have many years of experience in China Turnkey Manufacturing.

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News Release: A Brief Overview of Injection Modeling Manufacturing
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