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A Bit of History behind Fish And Chips In Australia

Eating fish and chips is an iconic experience in the land surrounded by water on all sides, Australia. It comes as no wonder that a continent which has water on all sides provides the finest and freshest seafood including fish and chips. The dish is so popular in the continent that you will find a Fish and Chip Shop in almost every suburb in Australia.

However, you must be wondering how such a tasty British classic found its way to the Australian Plates? So much like the Australian society, the history of fish and chips also shows the influence of multicultural influences. Fish and chips are a simple and tasty meal enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

The concept of fried fish came to Britain in the 16th Century by the Marranos. They were a group of Jewish migrants from Portugal and Spain. The invention of potato chips is claimed by both, the Belgians and the French. However, it originally came from the South American Andes before being adopted by the Europeans.

It did not take long for the concept to catch on in Australia. The first Australian fish and chip shop was opened in 1879 on Oxford Street in Sydney. At present, there are around 4000 fish and chips shops today. The successive waves of migrants investing in the Fish and chips business are playing a crucial role in popularising this delicacy across the country.

Fish and chip are now on the menus in most bistros, hotels and restaurants in the country. Whether you are enjoying Fish n chips in Sandgate wrapped up in paper or fancy silverware, it has become a part of the country’s classic culinary landscape. The dish is so popular in Australia that, it is not just limited to corner stores and the suburban delis. The fried fish and the tasty potatoes are a popular pastime among chefs in the realms of fine din ...

News Release: A Bit of History behind Fish And Chips In Australia
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