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530 negotiations were held by Russian companies at the Green Week in Berlin

The International Trade Exhibition of food industry, horticulture, agriculture and forestry "Green Week" has ended in Berlin. After a two-year break Russia has again taken part this year in one of the most ambitious events of the world agribusiness. The Russian Export Center (REC) was responsible for organizing the collective exposition of our country at the Green Week.

The exhibition was attended by 14 Russian companies from nine regions of the country* from the Kaliningrad region to the Yamal-Nenets autonomous Region. They presented high-quality food, wine, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as seeds and fertilizers - more than 150 items in total. The Russian export center compensated to the participating companies a sizeable share of the cost and provided comprehensive expert assistance. The collective exposition of Russia took on the "Green Week" an area of 420 sq. m.

During the exhibition, representatives of Russian companies held 530 business meetings with foreign colleagues. In particular, food producers had the opportunity to negotiate with the largest Western distributors and shops specializing in the sale of products from the CIS countries. We are talking about such companies as Monolith, Lackmann, "Dovgan", Continent, R-markt, who immediately after the exhibition took for realization trial lots of products of the presented brands.

In total, as a result of the negotiations, about 50 potential cooperation agreements are currently being discussed. For example, the Omega company from Yoshkar-Ola (the Mari El Republic), which presented wood shavings for the maintenance of farm animals, discusses the signing of six agreements with large target purchasers of products from Germany, Latvia and Eastern Europe.

In turn, the company "Nyda-resurs" from Nadym (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) already during the exhibition signed six framework agreements. Among them, an agreement on the intention to establish a joint processing line with Serbian colleagues, agreements on the purchase and supply of products to Uzbekistan and South Africa, and others. In addition, negotiations continue on the supply of halal products from meat and fish to Qatar and Germany.

In general, as noted by representatives of Russian companies, the importance of participation in the International Green Week can be assessed not only by the number of meetings and negotiations held, but also by the ability of competent sources to know the needs of end users in potential export markets, and to find reliable partners ready to promote the Russian production abroad.

Recall that in 2018, the International Green Week in the German capital was held for the 83rd time. The exhibition was attended by more than 1 700 exhibitors, including 655 foreign companies from 68 countries of the world. The total area of the exposition was 125 000 sq. m. The International Green Week in Berlin is not only one of the leading agricultural exhibitions, but also the largest fair, whose visitors spend about EUR 40-50 million annua ...

News Release: 530 negotiations were held by Russian companies at the Green Week in Berlin
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