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5 ways to make link building campaigns work for you

For any website to do well in the SEO space it needs to invest in link building. The best SEO companies worldwide run robust link building campaigns for their client websites and it’s worthwhile having a look at what these SEO companies do.

Link building, as you would well know, is the most effective way to get better PageRank score. The consequence of this is that your website gets ranked high on Google and other top search engines. As a result you enjoy better click through rates and there are more people visiting your website. This ultimately results in you being able to sell more to your visitors.

Given below are five tips that can help you build links for your website. These link building campaigns have proved to be successful and are still considered great even after Google came down so hard on this whole concept of building links.

To get the best authority and relevance for your website you need to target the .edu and related websites. These are typically college and university websites. You need to create excellent content for these websites through which they can help their students. They will in turn promote your website and their large student community will also start following you.

Another important element in most link building campaigns is fixing broken links. There are many broken link checkers available online and you will need to enter an URL to find out if there are any broken links for that URL. Your next step would be to connect with the website owner and offer to fix these broken links. In return they will hopefully link with your website.

Sites like Reddit and Moz enjoy exceptionally high traffic, day after day and month after month. Your endeavor should be to build relationships with such websites so that you get good referrals from them. This is not easy but with an able SEO partner this is not impossible too. You help them with something and they will help you with link building.

It is also worthwhile connecting with websites in your niche and arrange to exchange links with these websites. Now this has to be done in a very cautious manner. If Google even thinks that there is some hanky-panky activity going on here you could be in trouble.

As far as your own website is concerned there are a couple of things that should be done – 1. Ensure that you focus on creating great content that people would love to share and 2. Create multiple pages for your website and add relevant content to these pages. Remember to index these pages with Google and you will see some exceptional results.

Link building campaigns work best when they are executed using hard work. Shortcuts seldom work and Google is bound to find out. If you try out any link scheming techniques all your hard work toward creating links could backfire. In fact your website could be forever lost from the Google search engine results pages.

Link building campaigns ( ) will work for you provided you have them executed in the proper way through your SEO company ( ...

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