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5 special tips to increase ranks monthly

To increase ranks monthly there is one thing you need to do – enhance user experience. People may say that SEO is all about getting ranked higher in search engine results pages but why would someone do that? So that they are able to attract more targeted visitors and give them an experience they would cherish. And when your visitors get that fantastic experience in your website they are bound to talk about it. This is how the reputation of your website grows and better PageRank score can be achieved.

Every page of your website should have a purpose to it. Every page should either be able to deliver value to your customers or capture customer leads or sell a product or service. When you are able to deliver one of these purposes your visitors don’t get distracted. You are able to hook their attention and keep them wanting more. How can you do this? Given below are five tips that you can follow and increase ranks monthly.

The headline
This is where you stand to lose 80% of your visitors. Yes, this is true – if your website headline doesn’t scream for attention the rest of your website might as well not be there. The best website designers and bloggers spend as much time on the headlines as they do on the content. If your headline is good the reader is going to go down the page and look at the actual content.

Page designing done to follow your visitor’s eyes
Most humans have a linear way of looking at things when they are at a website. This means that you have to have your website designed in such a manner that you don’t lose your visitors right in the beginning of the page. The ideal design is one where the most important elements of your website are directly below the page headline. As one scrolls down the page the importance of elements diminishes. SEO may be a lot of things but page design plays a critical role to increase ranks monthly.

Attractive content
Content has always been the most important element of any website and now with Google lashing out at link scheming and other unethical SEO practices the importance of content has gone up all the more. Content is not merely text but a combination of text and media. The most attractive web pages are those that have a mix of all – well written content, attractive images and helpful videos. You achieve this for your website and your job is done.

Sharable content
To increase ranks monthly you need to have your content seen by as many people as possible. For this you need to add those social buttons to your web pages. When someone likes the content they can easily share on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest and so on.

Mobile optimization
Today mobile optimization plays a huge role because the number of mobile internet users has increased drastically. You have to have a mobile optimized site to increase ranks monthly.

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