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5 Incredible Tips for Small Patio Décor

January, 2018 – Snow outside, most of us already longing for spring, when we can make the most of being outdoors. While you can’t use your outdoors yet, it is a good time to chalk out a plan for decorating your patio or outdoor area. This will give you a head start before the season begins.

A well-designed patio, deck or backyard is valuable, additional living area that you can use to enjoy the outdoors in solitude or to entertain and have guests over.
Here are some wonderful tips to decorate smaller exterior spaces.
Keep It Simple
Deciding what use you want to put your patio to, will help you make design choices. Do you want it to be a place to lounge, while enjoying a setting sun? Or is it going to serve as an alternative dining area? Do you want your patio or deck decor to match the interior décor of your house? Answering such questions will make furniture selection simpler.

For example, you can choose from the Anderson Teak 3 PC South Bay Deep Seating Set for a leisurely coffee with your partner or the 5 PC Deep Seating Sofa and Armchairs for barbeque with friends. Keeping the design clean and simple offers spaciousness and comfort.
Light Up your Space
Outdoor lighting is as important as the furniture, especially to create a specific mood. Even a simple string of lights or lanterns can make your patio or deck look cheerful and welcoming. Lighting options, such as the a Tiki Torch, can add a hint of elegance to your limited space.
Add a Dash of Color
With outdoor living spaces, you can make bolder color and style choices. Don’t be afraid to have fun with accessories like cushions and throws. If you are decorating for summer, citrus palettes and vibrant blues are all time favorites. Add planter boxes for lush greens and hand a bird feeder to complete the look.
Lighten Up with Pastels
If bright and vibrant is not your thing, pastels, whites and beiges are equally great. In fact, these colors can make a smaller patio or deck appear bigger and more spacious.
Create a Focal Point
Just as in interior décor, having a focal point for your outdoor spaces, can go a long way in adding sophistication to the outdoor design. A piece of art, that inspires or engages, is as great an option outdoors as it is indoors. A fire pit in the center or a large luminary can add the drama you have been looking for.

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