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4 Ways to protect Your Cloning Credit Cards

Today there are many dumps CC sites available on the internet that sells Dumps and CVV.

In fraud cases, it is known that 81% of the cases were resolved in favor of the users but this meant physical and emotional exhaustion while the claim for unrecognized charges was in process for which no one should pass.

1. Use the digital wallets:

This proposal does not take much time and consists of paying your purchases with an application on your cell phone which allows you to synchronize your credit cards and access them when you need it.

The great advantage of digital wallets is that the user does not need to present their plastic in stores, which protects them from crimes such as card cloning.

2. Activate the Alerts Service:

It works as a notification service that is activated immediately after registering a movement in your credit or debit cards (purchases, deposits, change of passwords, and registration in other services).

These arrive specifically to your cell phone or your email. An advantage (in addition to preventing crimes) is that you can customize them with the exact amount from which you wish to receive them.

On the other hand, you will have the possibility of receiving payment reminders (direct debits or payment dates, in the case of credit cards).

3. Secure shopping when making e-commerce:

To avoid all types of fraud on credit cards, MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa were created, services whose function is to protect purchases made by users online.

This is achieved with an extra PIN that verifies the identity of the owner. With this, if your card is stolen or lost, the little thief will have to have your plastic and the numbers on the back, because you will also need the additional password, which only you know.

4. Choose well the ATM that you will use:

A large number of cloning cases occur in ATMs, where cardholders constantly display their plastic and PIN to make a transaction.

It is through a device called Skimmer that criminals with dumps cc sites clone the card. This gadget makes the reading of the magnetic strip of the plastic through a false slot installed in the cashier.

Therefore, when you go to a cashier select one that is in the bank and NOT on the street. You will always be more secure in the bank since it is practically impossible for someone to enter and install a Skim ...

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