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3 Ways a Texas Child Support Lawyer Can Help You

Hurst, TX, Sept 30, 2017 – Child support can be a sticky issue in any divorce involving children. While most parents strive to strike an equitable agreement that ensures their children are cared for without compromising the paying adult’s ability to survive, not every settlement is as fair as it could be. That is precisely why parents need a Texas child support lawyer standing by their side.

“Texas law requires that both biological parents provide financial support for their children until they reach the age of maturity,” explains Barbara D. Nunneley, the founder of Nunneley Family Law. “How much or little that support will be, however, depends on many factors an attorney can help a divorcing spouse more readily examine.”

When a Texas child support attorney assists with divorce proceedings, clients can count on gaining these benefits:

• A greater understanding of the law – A child support attorney will help clients understand their rights and/or obligations under the law and what might be required to exercise or meet them.

• An advocate during negotiations – It is not uncommon for parents to try and reach settlement agreements before heading into court. A Texas child support attorney can help clients negotiate for a fair agreement that puts the interests of the minor children first.

• Assistance should a trial be required – There are times that child support disputes require full presentation of a case before a judge and/or jury. When that is so, a Texas child support attorney will advocate on a client’s behalf by building a case and presenting the side.

“Child support attorneys in Texas strive to obtain the best possible outcomes for clients without compromising the child’s best interests,” Nunneley explains. “While they will work tirelessly to ensure clients receive a fair agreement, parents must remember they do have obligations under the law.”

Divorce is a serious pursuit under any circumstance. If children are a party to the union, consulting with a Texas child support and custody attorney can help ensure personal rights are protected throughout the process. To find out more about consulting with a Texas child support attorney, contact Nunneley Family Law or visit the practice online at

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News Release: 3 Ways a Texas Child Support Lawyer Can Help You
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