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3 Reasons why Leash training is Important for your Furry Friend

Leash training your dog is more than teaching your dog how to heel. Leash training is also about safety, communication, and better control.


The most common reason dog owners leash train their dogs is to make them walk together uneventfully. Heeling teaches your dog to walk beside you without getting into trouble, pulling ahead or lagging behind.

If your dog doesn’t learn heeling, s/he can get into trouble, get into a quarrel with passing dogs or panic and even damage your shoulder or elbow.


A leash is more than a tool to keep your dog beside you while walking together. It’s also an instrument of safety for both you and your dog. A leash lets you pull your dog out of danger and also prevent your dog from pulling you into danger!

Without a leash, some dogs may just run away giving in to their instinctive need to run around, and chase.


A leash is also a communication tool. Controlled movements and on-leash commands help you communicate with your dog effectively.

But without practice, leash is only a pulling device and may aggravate your dog. This is why some dogs hate being leashed and would even try to pull out of their collars while walking.


Leash training also gives you control and puts you in-charge. A well-made leash, used properly, can help you control where and how your dog moves. This is handy in unexpected situations that arise while you are walking your dog. For example, if your dog wants to chase a squirrel, the leash allows you to maintain control of your dog, without letting him drag you around the park.

Leash Training

The key to leash training lies in how you introduce the leash to your dog. All you need to do is simply leave the leash on the ground where your dog can investigate it and understand how it is just an everyday object with no risk. Once your dog begins checking it out, you can simply hold the leash in your hands and show them that you aren’t doing anything “scary” with the leash while it’s in your hands.

Once the dog become accustomed to the sight of you and the leash, go closer with the leash in one hand and a treat in the other hand. When your dog comes closer, reward and praise with a treat to create a positive association for your dog and the leash.

When your dog is completely accustomed to the leash, attach the leash onto the collar while holding a treat. Offer the treat after hooking on the leash. Practice walking with the leash on, in the house. Slowly start taking him outside with the leash, for example, try the yard first or a short walk. Increase the distance and time slowly. Soon your dog will understand and associate the leash with the fun of going outdoors.
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