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21 Days of Self-Love: Online Workshop with Romshri

Love is in an infinite, over-flowing, abundant and renewable source. You can never run out, only over-flow with it. Love is the sweet nectar that circulates and flows throughout the sacred vessel that is your body, mind and soul.
Loving yourself wholly and completely–shadows, flaws and all–is extremely courageous and healing. It requires a lot of strength and patience as you come face to face with your inner demons and shadows through self-love work. Self-love is a life-long journey and conscious path that needs dedication and honoring. While this can be a challenging path to dance along, it’s both fulfilling and deeply rewarding.
We have classified these 21 days in 3 weeks.

First Week: 1st to 7th February, 2018
Self-Commitment Rituals, Womb Memory cleanse, Past Life Death Memory Cleanse. Emotional detox: Energy Cleanse, Igniting the inner beauty and S.S.S. (Sowing the Seed of Self-Love)
Journal, Connect and Reflect
Second Week: 8th to 14th February, 2018
Finding Self, Self-Worth, Self-Blessings, Self-Connection: Mind, heart and Soul. Altar of Love.
Celebrating the inner Saint Valentine and inner Shiva meditation on mahashivratri

Third Week: 15th to 21st February, 2018
Reprogramming, Visualization and meditation. Be your own lover rituals, manifestation, abundance, wealth,financial and emotional strength and independe ...

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