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2018 Engineers Week: Inspiring Wonder

Since 1951, the United States of America have been observing National Engineers Week in February (from 18 to 22) in honor of all the contributions that engineers have made to society and also to shine light on the importance of learning technical skills, math and science. Engineers week is always the week in February that covers George Washington’s Birthday who many believe to be the country’s first engineer due to his surveying work. More than 70 engineering, cultural & educational societies and more than 50 corporations and government agencies observe Engineers Week.
This year’s theme Engineers Week is ‘Engineers: Inspiring Wonder’. Many educational institutions have taken the initiative this year. The College of Engineering and Computer Science of Syracuse University in New York has started a series of special events that began on 18th February. The event hopes to bring together students to promote engineering and computer science.
It is important for students and professionals to keep themselves updated with the advances and technology that are revolutionizing their respective industries and also related industries that influence their industries. For example, Building Information Modeling is completely transforming the Architecture Engineering and Construction Industry. Here in comes the importance of Engineers Day and similar days of observance.
Through interesting talks and events about topics like Artificial Intelligence, space travel & self-driving cars, engineering students and young professionals can spark their innovative side and come up with their own unique solutions to world problems. It is also an opportunity for engineering colleges to inspire students by engaging them in hands-on engineering outreach to see how their theoretical knowledge can be applied to solve real problems. Add this is ‘Inspiring Wonder’ and staying true to this year’s theme.
As a 200+ strong Engineering Service provider, Advenser is proud to observe the 2018 Engineer’s week as we have been for years before.

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News Release: 2018 Engineers Week: Inspiring Wonder
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