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2 characteristics of the laser marking machine on the plastic marking

Plastic laser marking machine, usually refers to carbon dioxide laser marking machine. Generally, laser marking machines are widely used in marking metals and non-metals. Laser marking machines can be applied to numbers, texts, trademarks or machine readable codes, such as data matrix codes with high information density and different sizes arranged in tight space. But you don't have to know the two features of the label on the plastic.

The following we will give you a brief introduction;

1.precision marking: the laser is a diode pumped laser with high energy efficiency. As well as the metal marking machine, it also has good focusing ability, so it is very suitable for fine marking. The diode pumped solid state laser has a high beam quality, which makes the laser beam in the marking process get a very small focus diameter. In this way, can realize small micron precision marking track width in small parts.

2.the adaptation of absorption characteristics: the laser used for marking is usually produced by radiation within the infrared wavelength range. Green laser and ultraviolet laser are used for plastic and semiconductor materials. In the special marking application of the laser engraving machine, the use of UV wavelengths has created a new possibility for the laser marking on the plastic. Short wave direct and plastic composite products of photochemical reactions, without heating, thus no material damage in the plastics industry; laser marking machine has now reached an irreplaceable role!

At present, in the application of plastic marking, the potential of laser is far from full play. Laser cutting cloth machine once the above have some applications, but because there is no expansion, leading to die, in addition to the above mentioned above, three laser frequency doubling laser and increasing promotion, diversity and combination of materials and processes, is to develop more new areas for the application of laser in plastic industry. Laser marking machine in plastic marking, in addition to consumables and pollution-free, also has the characteristics of fast speed, good labeling effect and strong anti-counterfeiting, and is popular in the enterpri ...

News Release: 2 characteristics of the laser marking machine on the plastic marking
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