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15% discount on CA Glue EM-02 by Starbond

The rapid industrialization in emerging economies and increase in demand in the existing developed ones have given the best in B2B segment enhance their customer base and increase their sales figures. Starbond, an industry leader in supplying industrial grade glue (with cutting-edge tech) has decided to fuel industrial growth and to provide the best products to worldwide businesses at low rates. Starbond glues are already popular and known across industry segments, and the new discounts are making them even more popular and customer friendly.
The water-thin Starbond EM-02 CA glue is now being offered by the company at a discounted rate. The widely acclaimed and praised instant glue has many different exclusive advantages over its counterparts. The glue quickly penetrates the surfaces and can also be applied towards attaining high gloss finishes. It has a new and improved formula that evades brittleness. The glue can easily repair cracks and mend hairline fractures as it can easily penetrate all kinds of porous surfaces. It can be used towards repairing or binding ceramics, softwood, fossil bones, unpolished rocks, minerals, and substances that cannot be glued by the viscous glues. The glue is also compatible with gemstones, leather, metal, wood, fiberglass, PVC and other plastics, and fibers.
Joe commented “We want our clients to get the best in today’s glue industry at the most affordable cost. We are delighted to reward our loyal and new customers through this new discount program, which may also be extended if it gets due popularity and acknowledgment”.
The CA glue or Cyanoacrylate instant adhesive possess the highest push and pull strength in its segment. It also has low shear, and hence the combination provides for best-in-class binding while overcoming the adverse impacts that the clumsy and low-tech glues have. As the CAs can also be safely used in wide variety of materials, they are in great demand since their first formulation. Further, the glue is water resistant after it is fully cured. This unique property makes it useful towards the waterproof sealant applications as well.
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News Release: 15% discount on CA Glue EM-02 by Starbond
Submitted on: February 08, 2018 07:59:44 AM
Submitted by: Joseph Hyun
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