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“Masks – Same Cake Different Icing” by ‘Walk My Word’ Expected to Fly Off the Shelves on Release Date!

Friday, February 09, 2018: There are a lot of books on psychological self-help and psychology, and all of them have the same underlying tones attached to them. These types of books all have the same patterns and fail to spark the imagination, or hook the reader into finishing the book. The most important aspect of all books related to psychology should be to allow you to open your mind, and to challenge the thinking of the reader.

You get all that and more in abundance in the latest book release by Walk My Word “Masks – Same Cake Different Icing!” The book is all set to hit the book shelves, on the 14th of February, right on Valentine’s Day. The early reviews are already glorifying the book, and it looks like one read that is going to change your perspective on everything in life. We talked to a spokesperson from Walk My who told us more about the book in detail. He was excited about the book launch, and said:

“This book explains the psychological principles behind pimping, and takes you on a literary quest by elaborating on the same principles, and how they are applied in the domains of warfare, education, and religion. The motivation behind the book revolves around teaching the reader to understand how leaders in education, military, and religion manipulate people to submit to them, and the power these institutions hold over so many people.

Everyone is familiar with the common institutions that dominate daily life, which are religion, military, and education. However, no one takes the time out to understand the power that these institutions hold over their followers, and how they brainwash them into believing and thinking about anything they say without questioning anything. We hope that people take off their blindfolds and go on a spiritual journey when they turn the first page of this book.

It is one book that will be worth your time, and is worth the price tag. Anyone who wants to get their hands on this masterpiece can place their order from our secure platform and we will deliver it to their home or office address.”

The book seems to be targeted at young entrepreneurs, startup teams, affected companies, and small companies. It seems that the launch of the book can’t come quickly enough, and there has already been an influx of orders as people have started to notice the book and have read reviews about it. So, start placing your orders for “Masks – Same Cake Different Icing” on Walk My Word today, and get the book delivered at your doorstep on the 14th of February! You can also gift it to someone close to you, as the perfect Valentine’s Day g ...

News Release: “Masks – Same Cake Different Icing” by ‘Walk My Word’ Expected to Fly Off the Shelves on Release Date!
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